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Our medical transcription training software is a complete training software for this industry. Infact this is the only software where an individual can learn medical transcription without the help of the trainer. You also do not need internet connection to run the software. All tests and practical classes are taken by the software. The software is divided into four modules. There is one basic module which contains the introduction to medical transcription. Each module is divided into 4 weeks. Every week contains one body system. For example if module one, week one is dermatology, there would be theory lessons in dermatology, voice file practice on dermatology and then there would be a test on dermatology. Once you clear the first week, you move on to the second week. This week would contain the next body system that is cardiology. Now this week would have the same thing like theory classes on cardiology, practical practice of voice files on cardiology and then a test on cardiology.

Once you complete all four weeks you come to the end of the module and there is a module exam at the end. Once you clear the module exam, you can move on to the next module. You DO NOT need internet connection for conducting the exams. It is completely an offline training program. All practical files are checked automatically by the software and an accuracy percentage is given for every file. The weekly test is a theory exam and the module exam is a practical exam where you need to type a voice file. Also remember, you can give the weekly and module exam as many times as you want. There is no restrictions on the number of times you can appear for the exam. There is also a dictionary in this software which will have meanings of many commonly used medical terms. There is a marksheet which will record the marks of the candidate automatically.

. If a candidate has appeared for multiple exams then the marks of the last given exam will be recorded. We will be giving you a 100 page user manual which will contain all the instructions for you. This software is very user friendly. This is the most complete and comprehensive training software in the medical transcription industry. Without the help of any human trainer, this software can train an individual in medical transcription Some of the screen shots of the software is given below:
screenshot 1
screenshot 2
screenshot 3
screenshot 4
screenshot 5
screenshot 6
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